Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Compromise

I'm still waiting for all of the details of this compromise to shake out. But for now, I agree with Digby on this one.

I think the most important thing the Democrats could have done in this case was to stand firm. If the Republicans wanted to lay nuclear waste to the Senate, so be it. They have the power and, apparently, the will to do it. The Democrats were going to lose something in this battle one way or another. Although I hate the word, I think this was a battle to go down as martyrs. Stand firm. Scream as loud as you can while the Republicans tear apart the rules of the Senate. Hopefully, people will remember the screams and remember who turned the Senate into a wasteland.

Well, even as I wrote that I realize that relies on just about as much wishful thinking as the compromise does. Maybe Reid saw an opportunity to draw a little blood in exchange for... I'm not quite sure yet. Yeah. I'm back to my original thought. Better to give the Republicans a pyrrhic victory than to put any stamp of legitimacy or bipartisanship on this one.

I hope I'm missing something.


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