Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Oh no, I'm quite lowbrow

Check out this paragraph from some chick who likes to show her boobies.

I know what it's like to need to breastfeed and be in a situation where there's nowhere private to go. One time, back in the early 80s, I breastfed my baby at the Baseball Hall of Fame. I remember feeling I was doing something really wrong and that I was about to be discovered at any point and treated harshly. So I like these laws. What are you supposed to do on a plane? You can't occupy the bathroom that long, and anyway, that would be a disgusting environment for a baby.

Now -- wait for it -- replace breastfeed with masturbate.

Tee hee!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

I dunno.

Is it just 'cause I hate her saccharine movies or does Nora Ephron really come off like an ass here?


Every time I hear a news bit about W. Mark "Deep Throat" Felt, one singular thought keeps popping into my mind, "I wish they'd waited till he was dead." Hold on, now. I don't mean that in the Pat Buchanan/G. Gordon Liddy sort of way. I have a couple of, I think, legitimate reasons for this.

  • There was always something mythological about this faceless character Deep Throat. From the name that required dancing around the subject with small children to the now-archetypal "dark meeting" in an underground parking lot. Seeing a frail, old man waving to reporters burst the bubble of one of the most mysterious figures in American History. Not that important in the grand scheme of things, I suppose, but waiting till after he was gone was always the plan.
  • Now, I don't know if it would've worked out this way. SwiftBoating is rapidly becoming an art. But I also believe that the criticism would be more muted if he were dead. I suppose I underestimate the 'Licans. But even if they still went full-bore, I think that would've been dampened by the eulogizing at his passing. But I suppose I'm being naive.
  • And what appears to be the cashing in by he and his family (though, in his mental state, I suspect more of the family) would not be nearly as salacious. Money taints everything. I wish it didn't. And if, after he died, his family wanted to cash in on the legacy, more power to them. But he would've been gone and spared that indignity.
As it was, he was a flawed character. But that shouldn't taint his legacy. I just wish the secret had held out just a little longer.

Touche, Harry Reid

That's what I'm talking about. Harry Reid in an upcoming interview with Rolling Stone.

RS: You've called Bush a loser.

HR: And a liar.

RS: You apologized for the loser comment.

HR: But never for the liar, have I?

I especially enjoy the snarkiness.

What is War?

Here's a question I've always had that maybe some of my fancypants lawyer friends could answer for me. Does a Congressional Declaration of War mean anything at all? Has it ever? And in the wake of the War Powers Act (my knowledge of this is limited, but I know the basics) does it mean even less?

Basically, I've always wondered that since the President has the power to order the military to do basically what he wants it to do, what sort of extra shit do you get when Congress declares war? Are there any safety locks that come off the really big guns? Or has it always been a rehtorical device/sham that wasn't really acknowledged until Congress passed the War Powers Act in 1973.

Here's an example. Back in 1941 Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. We declare war on Japan. Japan, Germany and Italy declare war on us. And somewhere in there we declared war on Germany. That's a lot of declarations going around. And that's all fine and good, but do you really need to declare war when you're already bombing the shit out of each other?